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Here is my Daily Preps Journal for July 19, 2018. I am not sure if most of you will find this interesting, but I always like reading about the “how and whys” of how other people build up their prepping supply. Since most people aren’t rich enough to go on one big shopping spree, most of us “normal folks” have to build up our supplies slowly, a little bit at a time. Plus it is much easier to write about the why’s of each item in smaller bits, as opposed to trying to explain an entire, complete prep list of items. If you like this type of thing, let me know.

So, I picked up a few items at the drug store today.

A bag of cotton

Cotton is an excellent, lightweight means of starting a fire. Every BOB or EDC pack should have a few in there. A plastic bag with a few pieces of cotton wrapped in petroleum jelly works great!

Vitamin C Powder

This is a must-have for our first aid kit. Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine. Apparently, 2 g of ascorbic acid can reduce histamine levels by 40 percent!

I have really bad allergies and it is also the best and fastest way that I have found to reduce the symptoms of an allergic reaction to hay fever, pollen, dust, animal hair, insect bites and stings, mold or mild food allergies. Just take a giant scoop or a wet finger full and swirl it around in your mouth until you can’t stand it anymore. Of course, it is not a medication replacement but it might save your life in case of an attack, plus you can’t really overdose on vitamin C and without it, you can get sick much faster, especially if you don’t have access to other sources of it.


I found some cheap paracord at the sporting goods store yesterday. It won’t hold your weight but it is always good to keep in your bag in case you need to tie something up, lash together something or drape a tarp for a shelter.

Power Bars

I grab an extra handful whenever I think of it. Always have at least one in your bag for every member of the family. Most energy bars taste like crap, so I always go for nuts and fruit over that weird, heartburn-inducing, protein/fruit paste sawdust that other brands sell.


Yes, it is electronic but these things last for years. An important addition to the first aid kit and offers fast results when checking to see if you have a fever. If you have kids, you’ll be glad you have it.

Lip Balm

Lip balm is great for all sorts of things: chapped lips, blisters, lubrication, waterproofing and most of all a fire starter. I have heard that some brands work better than others as an accelerant, so I am experimenting with different brands to see what works the best. I’ll let you know my results.

That’s it for today. Keep on prepping!