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Last week we were vacationing at a cabin in Denmark. Unfortunately, my wife was sick with a cold and to top it off, my daughter was complaining of a stomach ache one evening. Usually, this is a job for our trusty, ever-present hot water bottle, but unfortunately, we forgot to pack it.

As a quick solution, my genius wife crafted some makeshift heating pads with a few, on-hand items from the kitchen:

  • An Electric Water Cooker
  • 2 Oven Mitts / Oven Pads / Whatever you call them…
  • A Dish Towel
  • A plastic garbage bag

First, she boiled water in the electric water cooker. (Any kind of boiled water will do, but an electric water cooker sure is handy when available) She then laid two oven mitts in the sink and poured the hot water on them. After draining them a bit, she put them in a garbage bag, squeezed out the air and then wrapped them in a towel.

The end result was not quite as effective as a hot water bottle but it sure did the trick! The oven mitts are thick, retain a lot of water and are heat resistant so they don’t burn and hold in the heat fairly well. Just be sure the plastic bag is tied off so it doesn’t leak.

Disclaimer – Had this been a real end of the world scenario, the water cooker would be omitted and replaced with boiling water, heated by a flaming hot piece of a crashed asteroid or melted hot lava ejected from the earth’s crust.